March 3, 2024


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A New Year. 100 Episodes More | The Best of the 900’s | Episode 900

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We did it! 900 episodes! I am so thankful to have reached this milestone for The Potters Cast. I am sure you will agree, the secret sauce to The Potters Cast is the amazing guests that have come on the show. And this last 100 episodes is no exception to the amazing list. In this episode we look back to some highlights of some of the most watched episodes of the last 100.


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Inventory Like a Bank | Dan Finnegan | Episode 803


Instagram: @dan_finnegan_pottery

Working With A Creative Team | Rachel Saunders | Episode 809


Instagram: @rachelsaundersceramics

The Ron Philbeck Story | Ron Philbeck | Episode 815


Instagram: @ronphilbeck

Carrying a Message for Her Community | Krissy Ramirez | Episode 820


Instagram: @rebelwareceramics

Putting Your Money to Work | Kaveri Bharath | Episode 838

Instagram: @studiomannangatti

Art As A Real Job | Augusta Smith | Episode 855


Instagram: @augusta_pots

Some Nitty Gritty On Pricing | Sara Ballek | Episode 860

Instagram: @saraballek_ceramics

Solving Problems With Clay | Kadri Kunnus | Episode 873


Instagram: @kadrikunnuspottery

He’s Moving From Wholesale to Direct Sales | William Reardon | Episode 897


Instagram: @newyorkstoneware

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