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A Soft Pastel Painting Class in a Box: Reviewing the Artful ‘Let’s Learn Soft Pastel’ Set

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Artful Lets Learn Soft Pastel Starter Box Set with materials

Uncover the great reward for aspiring tender pastel artists with the Clever Let us Find out Delicate Pastel Box. This beautifully illustrated cardboard box includes an array of large-quality comfortable pastels, pencils, surfaces, extras – even a journal – to encourage creative imagination and foster a passion for soft pastel artwork. Encounter the excellent of the components for oneself as we take a look inside of the box.

Artful Lets Learn Soft Pastel Starter Box Set with materials

The Suave Let’s Study Tender Pastel Starter Box is a thoughtfully picked set ideal for the two new artists and enthusiastic hobbyists. Excellent for artists looking to experiment with a new medium, this box guarantees to ignite creativity and spark inspiration, giving all the important equipment desired to commence your delicate pastel artwork adventure. The prosperity of articles in this established is positive to interact artists of even the most simple skill stage, with a various vary of strategies and tutorials created to problem and inspire. Whether you are an complete novice or a passionate pastel painter, the Artful Let us Understand Smooth Pastel Starter Box is an great selection for any individual looking to grow their competencies and discover a new medium.

What are Clever ‘Let’s Learn’ Bins?

Assorted materials from the Artful Soft Pastel Box Set

Artful’s ‘Let’s Learn’ Artwork Packing containers are ideal for artists trying to find to experiment with new media. Each individual box has a comprehensive artwork lesson. As nicely as the ‘Let’s Find out Delicate Pastel’ box, we also inventory their Watercolour, Gouache and Display Printing choices. Just about every themed box comes with a vary of artist colours, tools, and add-ons particular to the medium, all of superior excellent and selected to function collectively seamlessly. This gets rid of the need to have for added buys and offers complete flexibility to exercise the tactics in the established. The objective of these products is to motivate inventive expansion by improving upon complex techniques and creativity.

What is Involved in the Let us Find out Tender Pastel Box?

Flatlay of materials from the Artful Lets Learn Soft Pastel Starter Box

Just about every ‘Let’s Discover Gentle Pastel’ Starter Box includes:

  • 24 x Suave Tender Pastels
  • 6 x Artful Pastel Pencils
  • 1 x Artful 4H Pencil
  • #11 Filbert Paint Brush
  • 3 x Paper Mixing Stumps
  • A4 Combined Media Pad
  • 4 x Blank Greetings Playing cards
  • 1 x Putty Eraser
  • Clever Pastel Magazine

We took a closer appear at the elements in the established and set them to the examination.

Delicate Pastel Established of 24 Sticks

The 24 sticks in this set are great for novice artists. The delicate texture of just about every pastel can make it straightforward to lay down color, mix hues and blend into gradients. The pastels come in a sturdy cardboard box that will preserve them secure when on-the-go. The box itself is eye-catching with its embossed clever brand on the lid and eco wood pulp inside. The set has a wonderful wide variety of colors, excellent for doing work alongside with all the techniques and tutorials explored in the set. Their gentle texture, variety of colors, and strong packaging make it a wonderful established for inexperienced persons.

Pastel Pencil Set of 6

Detail shot of the Set of 6 Pastel Pencils from the Artful Lets Learn Soft Pastel set

If you are just starting up out with pastel drawing, this set of 6 tender pastel pencils is an outstanding set to attempt out! The box consists of a charming assortment of colors, together with the principal hues, moreover brown, white, and black – giving you a good assortment to participate in about with. The high-quality strategies of the pencils are excellent for incorporating delicate information to your artwork with relieve. Additionally they’re easy to sharpen applying possibly a pastel sharpener or a knife. The texture of the pencils is comfortable, creating them simple to work with, and the quality is fantastic. All in all, this established of 6 gentle pastel pencils features a good chance to discover the medium.

Pastel Portray Surfaces

Mixed Media Pad and greetings cards from the Artful Lets Learn Soft Pastel Set

This set delivers two unique surfaces for artists to discover. Firstly, there’s the Blended Media Paper Pad, which characteristics 25 sheets of 300gsm paper that is perfect for use with an array of mediums, which includes tender pastel, charcoal, watercolour, gouache, pencil, pen and ink. Its a little bit textured surface area presents a good tooth for the pastel to grip on to, and is similar to a medium-textured watercolour paper.

Detail of textured surface on Mixed Media Pad from the Artful Soft Pastel Set
Paper texture in the Blended Media Paper Pad
Detail of textured surface on Greetings Cards from the Artful Soft Pastel Set
Texture on the Blank Greetings Playing cards

Moreover, the established also includes a set of four blank greeting playing cards. These playing cards are manufactured from 280gsm uncoated Fedrigoni board that is suited for both dry media and gentle apps of soaked media. Just about every card also will come with a kraft paper envelope, building this established a total deal for producing individualized playing cards for special situations.

Other Pastel Portray Accessories

Assorted accessories from the Artful Soft Pastel Box Set

The F grade pencil is suitable for generating quick sketches, plotting tough suggestions for compositions and manufacturing finely in depth drawings. Its medium hardness leaves a noticeable line though still getting very easily erasable.

4H Pencil from the Artful Lets Learn Soft Pastel Box

Similarly, the Putty Eraser and Paper Blending Stumps are indispensible pastel painting applications. The putty eraser is pliable enough to knead conveniently, and is perfect for carefully lifting locations of smooth pastel. Paper blending stumps help artists to mix and easy out colour in smooth pastel paintings to produce seamless gradients. Each individual stump is made from a restricted roll of paper, and there are 3 sizes in the established. The stumps make it effortless manage the amount of money of color and strain you implement. Use them to mix and generate delicate versions in tone.

Paper Stump in use from the Artful Lets Learn Soft Pastel Starter Set
Putty Rubber from the Artful Let's Learn Soft Pastel Set

There’s also a Filbert brush in the set. A filbert brush has a very similar form to a flat brush, but with a little bit round edges. This round edge is great for blending colour. You can also gently scrape a tender pastel adhere to release a coloured powder, then function the powder into your painting with the filbert brush.

Working soft pastel powder into paper with a filbert brush

Artful Soft Pastel Journal

The Clever Comfortable Pastel Journal is not just a gorgeous certain book with 128 internet pages. It also offers a prosperity of inspiration from artists who focus in gentle pastel. With its in-depth artist interviews, the journal delves into the working processes of pros to give worthwhile insights into their craft.

Artful Soft Pastel Magazine Spread Detail 1

Also, the magazine gives stage-by-phase tutorials, entire with comprehensive illustrations and penned guidance, earning it easy for audience to stick to along and make their possess tender pastel masterpieces. The journal supplies a extensive introduction to the fundamentals of gentle pastel, serving as a practical source for newbies.

Artful Soft Pastel Magazine Spread Detail 2

Spark your creativeness with the Let’s Find out Smooth Pastel Box

The Let’s Understand Tender Pastel Box from Artful is an inspiring assortment of gentle pastel elements, great for equally new artists and art fans wanting to try a new medium. It’s a in depth and educational established, with lovely presentation and no animal elements.


In addition to the box’s contents, Artful presents a prosperity of assets to foster a flourishing artist local community. Each individual box arrives with a code to accessibility video tutorials on their web page. Moreover there’s lots of content on their YouTube channel and a everyday drawing obstacle on their Instagram. So, whether you are a rookie or an seasoned artist, there’s lots of suggestions, inspiration, and a lot more available to you. It’s the fantastic present for any artist wanting to explore gentle pastel painting.

Invest in your Artful Let’s Study Smooth Pastel Starter Box currently or browse our other Clever Containers on line.

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