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Ale Casanova | Interview with Spanish (NFT) Painter

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About Ale Casanova

Ale Casanova (b. 1981) is a Spanish artist with exhibitions all around Spain, France, and Norway. His is effective convey very simple scenes with absolute naturalness and crudeness by means of figures and portraits. Casanova’s artistic practice displays a playfulness with color, where by brightness gets to be “the fundamental axis.” Most of the time, he results in with oils on fabric.

He demonstrates simple scenes with complete naturalness and rawness via figures and portraits. The viewer gains a lot of unique thoughts and concerns about what the scene is about, which activities it is element of, and the wish to be a component of it.

Deciding upon to depict nudes to develop attraction, he appears for a sense of intimacy to have interaction the viewer in a non-public, sensual second – with no malice in anyway.

We experienced an exclusive interview with him, where he points out what does portray certainly means to him.

Ale Casanova

Let us start off from the principles. What’s your title, and where by have you grown up?

Hola, I’m Ale Casanova. Born, raised, and resident in Valencia, Spain.

When or how have you comprehended you wanted to turn out to be an artist?

I have normally painted. But for the duration of my adolescence, I comprehended that I could make a single of my competencies my job. A instructor from my superior university insisted that I attempt to just take the entrance tests to the University of Fine Arts. That changed my life.

Please briefly describe your approach and convey to us what drives you to make art.

I have an understanding of portray as a trade, a complicated occupation involving the technical, emotional, and conceptual factors. But just a position. Believing that painting is much more than any other work can guide you to snobbism and pedantry. I work with a lot less or greater achievements each and every working day, from 6 to 8 hrs.

Ale Casanova

What is the main attribute that has transformed in your function or practice?

Every single painter has a way of observing the entire world and approaching portray, two or three focal details all over which all his operate moves all around, technically. Individuals points stretch as time goes by. In my case, the design and the reinterpretation of shade are exaggerated much more and far more in my works. Nevertheless not consciously.

Ale Casanova

Which artist mostly evokes your work? And is there anything else, exterior visible arts, that retains you determined?

My major impact is 19th-century artwork, predominantly the “London Faculty.” Euan Uglow, Paula Rego, Lucian Freud, and so on.

How would you like persons to interact with your get the job done?

The community identifies with what is their possess, with what they know. That is why I look at my get the job done pretty mundane and “normal,” obtainable to the search of the amateur and the connoisseur. No fanfare, bare and uncomplicated.

Unfold the word! Do you have anything enjoyable on the horizon?

Thankfully, I carry on obtaining commissioned work with galleries and private clients. Educating is also a good supply of money. Every thing jointly makes it possible for me to proceed dedicating myself solely to painting.

I invite you to check out my Instagram and my website

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