July 14, 2024


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How do you store your art papers? I’ve got some ideas

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How do you store your art papers? I’ve got some ideas

I did something that took guts. I recorded inside my tiny creative space.

You see, a couple of weeks ago I did a live stream where for a whole hour I answered questions about ephemera, such as:

  • Where to find it
  • How to make it
  • When to use originals
  • My favorite printables
  • What glue to use

However, the most frequently asked question was: How do you store your ephemera? Well, I couldn’t really talk about how I store my ephemera and papers unless I showed you, right?

You know those beautiful magazines showcasing spacious, inspiring art studios? Needless to say, my space would never be a candidate. I don’t have a beautiful creative space.

I create collages in my laundry room, next to the shoes my kids kick off from school, next to the dog kibble, umbrellas, winter jackets, and recycling boxes left on the washer and dryer.

At least my machines are a cheerful red!

Still, it’s my space and I’m grateful for it. Even though I’ve settled in and made it mine, I don’t show it off to anyone. Not even my friends who stop by have seen it.

But if I want to show you how I store ephemera and papers, and provide you with some ideas for organizing ephemera, then I had to set aside my hesitation and take you there.

So I did:

I even managed to create a collage using my paper storage system as an example. Here’s the page I made:

One thing I talked about was that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for organizing your papers. Everyone has different requirements and space parameters. What may work for one person, may not work for someone else because they don’t have the space, or need to clean away their things after they are done creating. The organizing solution you are looking for is the one that will allow you to start creating without having to fuss over finding things.

So I invite you to watch the video if you are interested in getting some ideas for organization, and if you have a suggestion or tip, leave a comment at the end of the video so that others can learn from you. I am always curios to know what works for people.

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