April 15, 2024


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Juxtapoz Magazine – I Don’t Know The Place, But I Know How To Get There: Friedrich Kunath in Los Angeles

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Jota Mombaça at KADIST | San Francisco

The truth that in lieu of a press release, the painter and installation artist Friedrich Kunath furnished a poem is apt. For his solo demonstrate, I Will not Know The Put, But I Know How To Get There, on view at Blum & Poe in Los Angeles, it feels like a conversation with time, something that is both of those all-natural and totally artifical and construted. Each individual do the job pits the forest and the sky with man, whether or not physical or technological, and yet there is anything that feels at peace and at war. Probably it’s a tongue and cheek way of saying we are all on a path to someplace, or probably its just the collective actuality. —Evan Pricco

“Abendlied” by Hanns Dieter Hüsch Butterfly is coming household
Very little bear is coming dwelling
Kangaroo is coming home
The lights aglow, the working day is finished.

Codfish is swimming residence
Elephant is going for walks household
Ant is racing home
The lights aglow, the day is finished.

Fox and goose are coming home
Cat and mouse are coming dwelling
Person and woman are coming residence
The lights aglow, the working day is accomplished.

All is asleep and all is awake,
All is in tears and all is laughter,
All is silence and all is chatter,
And sadly, we’ll hardly ever know it all.
All is screaming and all is listening,
All is dreaming and then in life,
All will be changed once more a person day. 

Already the evening sits atop our household,
Butterfly is traveling residence
Wild horse is bolting household
More mature kid is coming dwelling

The lights aglow, the day is finished. 

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