April 15, 2024


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Juxtapoz Magazine – Mike Lee in in “No Man’s Land”

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Juxtapoz Magazine - Mike Lee in in "No Man's Land"

At first look, these failed to quite appear like Mike Lee performs. The colour palette is there, that just about technological precision is there, like electronic prints hand-painted. But what utilized to be far more figurative has turn into illusions of lifetime, a trace of a determine but ghostly. It is nearly as if he is at a struggle with his instruments, to understand what to display and what to depart to an imagination. The effects are thrilling for an artist with a masterful hand and ingenuity in his strategy for many years now. 

“Gaming tradition was a large portion of my adolescence and a variety of escape,” Lee states. “As a kid, the fascination with war was tied to a level of fantasy and enjoyment, but approaching adulthood I created a greater being familiar with of the genuine effects. The rise of the web and entry to popular details furnished me an insight to the immense catastrophes as effectively as the discrepancies of the media’s encapsulation of fact.”

His solo present, No Man’s Land, on see at 50 % Gallery in NYC, feels assured and delberate in his new concentration on area and story. It is a silent nod to conflicts in existence and in politics, also an comprehending that humanity has shifted above the class of the past a few a long time. Lee is up for the challenge of the instant. —Evan Pricco

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