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“King James IV & I Oak Portrait Two”

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“King James IV & I Oak Portrait Two”
“King James IV & I Oak Portrait Two” [18th/19th May 2023] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist, sketch with H, HB, 4B, 8B and sky-blue pencil, signed in black ink on 280gsm 250mm x 300mm gesso primed canvas [pad], digitally edited image 3176 x 2749 pixels.

“King James IV & I Oak Portrait Two” [shown above] was produced in two drafts.  The first draft took 28 minutes 58 seconds.  The second (final) draft next day took 7 minutes 40 seconds, tidying a few branches and adding further depth to leaves.  A total of just under thirty-seven (37) minutes in all. I promptly signed the artwork afterwards.

The photograph was taken on 19th May 2020, three years ago precisely. I published those Oak photographs on my blog that very day. You can see those photographs by clicking the link here

This sketch is very much as successful for its quickness and quality to produce as “Leafy Hollow”. You can see “Leafy Hollow” by clicking the link here

Each artist has their own ‘standard’ in terms of quality. For me, “Leafy Hollow” and this sketch “King James IV & I Oak Portrait Two” exemplify a ‘perfect’ artwork near effortlessly with regards to the time taken to complete from start to finish.

I view these visual works for the speed they are produced similar to an artist writing a chart topping song in 20 minutes.

To understand my reasoning here, it took me hours upon hours to get “Malevolence upon Trees” to the standard I hold every.. single.. time.. for my artworks. You can see “Malevolence upon Trees” here The intricacy and complexity of the latters pencil work is clear though through all those extra hours.

Personally I happily delight whenever an artwork reaches ‘the standard’ much more quickly. This is more about efficiency as an artist than anything else. I noted Andy Warhol’s interest to produce masterpieces quickly. So too Basquiat and Monet.

Therefore I have sought to somehow emulate this work ethic when producing new pieces, if possible.

For instance, a professional actor can often absorb lines they need to learn for a role very quickly. Whereas an untrained person would take much longer to do so accurately. We could imagine professional translators and PA’s having a comparable ability. As an artist I view the swiftness of my working as part of the profession itself.

Of course, such beauties as the Sistine Chapel, time-honoured sculptures and Realist oils should not be hastily made. Often impressive intricacy and complexity requires reasonable time.

Here is the photograph inspiration for my latest sketch:

“King James IV & I Oak Portrait Two – photograph” [19th May 2020] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist.

I entitled my latest sketch as ‘Portrait Two’ since I class “James I IV Oak – Autumn Landscape” [27th June 2022] as the first ‘portrait’ of this magnificent 1612 Oak tree. Whereby both sketches do not feature as part of a wider Landscape composition.

Hope you enjoy.

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