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Listening To Your Heart When Your Mind Disagrees | Paulina Gobiecka | Episode 880

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Paulina Gobiecka | Episode 880

Paulina Gobiecka, born on the 13th November 1987 in Warsaw, is a ceramic, sculptor, and ceramic teacher at the Back garden of Arts ceramic studio in Warsaw, Poland. Paulina has graduated from Sculpture School, The Academy of the Good Arts in Warsaw in 2015. At the second Paulina is making her personal wood-fired kiln.


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Why do you think there is sometimes a conflict among the coronary heart and the head?

So you know, I imagine it is very organic, the conflict concerning thoughts and heart since as we say in polish, we extremely frequently would like to have a cake and try to eat a cake.

We have the exact same phrase. 

Of course, you have the similar phrase. So in particular for folks who have a ton of interests it is quite widespread that we have these inisde conflict.

When you had been attempting to make that choice how loud was the voice of “reason”? How loud was that voice telling you, This will not get the job done

I imagine louder was the voice that it will function. And to motivate this voice I was slowly but surely, gradually, starting to be additional engaged into our household organization. Coming to do the job at the workshops following my common career so I was attempting to reduce the probability of failure and I was feeling that is the minute because my mom is becoming….not more mature, but she demands additional enable. So I was constantly pondering that this minute will happen, but I was only pondering when would be the right instant.

How did you know it was time to take the leap?

When I was emotion so tremendous worn out functioning in some cases thirteen, fourteen, hrs a working day. And I was feeling it was also significantly for me. That I need to have to resign from anything simply because it will be like this, I will just start off turning out to be ill. Significantly.

It is been five months, has the voice quieted down in your intellect in terms of this is not going to operate, this is heading to do the job out?

No. I think when I manufactured the conclusion I believed, All right, it needs to function. 

It just requirements to work as a requirement.


Was it less complicated acquiring associates to go on the journey with you and acquiring your mother and move father associated?

Yeah, of study course. Of training course it was a significant support for me because I could find out from them. We even now do the job collectively and I have taken on more tasks and administration jobs. It’s seriously superior if you have members of your loved ones you can count on.

How essential was it for you to visualize a long term of achievements for you to be equipped to make that jump?

Certainly, I consider so. I was pondering about various scenarios. Commonly, every little thing I do I check out to visualize it previously. So it was fairly a very long course of action but of training course it aided me a lot.




Adventures of a Youthful Naturalist by David Attenborough 


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