April 15, 2024


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Watashiato – KALTBLUT Magazine

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Watashiato - KALTBLUT Magazine

“What traces do we leave on the world? And what traces does the world leave on us? Starting from a simple desire to shoot with sustainable Berlin-based fashion designers, this photo series opened into an exploration of Watashiato: the curiosity about one’s seen and unseen impact on the world.” A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography and Styling by Sarah Fuchs. The model is Kyungseok Kim.

“I have been obsessed with exploring my own footprint – environmentally as well as creatively – for many years. This obsession poses many questions.

What little actions of mine have led to unforeseen consequences? Which of my images might have affected someone long after I forgot to take them? And what small happenings have changed me in ways I could never imagine?

All the elements of this photo session seem to have coalesced around the core theme of Watashiato: from working within an abandoned office building (traces of days gone by) and styling with sustainable fashion exclusively (thus minimizing the traces we leave) to shooting with an analog camera (thereby creating an actual chemical trace of the model on film). While we may never know for sure what traces we leave on the world, nor vice versa, this series poses as an invitation to sit with these questions and allow them to affect you.”

Photography and Styling by Sarah Fuchs / www.sarah-fuchs.com / Instagram: @sarah.fuchs
Photo assistant: Simon Brommene / Instagram: @agebloue
Model: Kyungseok Kim / Instagram: @keeymksig
Agency: Let It Go Management / Instagram: @letitgomgmt

Fashion Brands used are:  A New Kind of Blue, Don Aretino, Damur, Kulson
Instagram name of each band: @anewkindof_blue @don_aretino @damurfashion @kulsonstudios

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