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All About The Visit by Pieter de Hooch

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Title of Artwork: “The Stop by”

Also Regarded as ‘Merry Organization with Two Gentlemen and Two Women’

All About The Visit by Pieter de Hooch

Artwork by Pieter de Hooch

Yr Designed 1657

Summary of The Go to

The Merry Company with Two Adult men and Two Girls (1657) by Dutch artist Pieter de Hooch is a primary illustration of the genre’s acceptance in Dutch Golden Age painting, depicting a group of characters who are not intended to be determined as portraits engaging in convivial exercise. It is now in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

All About The Go to

In 1910, Hofstede de Groot commented about this painting by Hooch, noting “Two girls and two gentlemen are seated within a dwelling in 192. Sm. 34. The party are collecting in the remaining-hand corner of a space, beside a vast window, the upper half of which is fixed again.

A youthful female, dressed in a purple jacket with white fur trim, a blue skirt, and a large white apron, stands at the table’s still left corner and pours wine for the visitors. A youthful man in a white fit, comprehensive with a extensive collar and a bowler hat, stands guiding the desk, using tobacco a pipe and eying the lady from driving.

There is certainly a male to the right of the desk carrying a black cape and long curls that obscure his deal with he will take the arm of a lady who sits following to them and watches him with a mix of suspicion and amusement on her encounter. His sloppy cap is in the forefront, off to the suitable.

There is a curtained mattress in the backdrop on the suitable, a portrait of a person hanging above it, and a map of a Dutch harbour to the still left of the portrait. The course of light is remaining. The use of gentle and colour is superbly completed, producing for a putting and effective impression. Burger assumed it was a Vermeer for evidence, see it Vol. 14, No. 551 of the 1866 Gazette des Beaux-Arts. Dimension of the panel is 27″ x 22 1/2″.

Dated 1833 and housed in the library of Baron Delessert (Sm.). The No. 36 Gross sales Bulletin, Francois Delessert, Paris, May 15, 1869 (150,000 francs). Paris, France – 5 April 1883 – B. Narischkine (160,000 francs). A Top secret Conference in Paris on July 1st, 1889 (270,000 francs). Immediately after that, it finished up in Paris with Durand-Ruel. At the moment on screen in New York’s Havemeyer selection.”

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