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Celebrating 50 Years With Clay | Maggie Frampton | Episode 885

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Maggie Frampton | Episode 885

Maggie Frampton is an English potter who properly trained 50 many years back. 10 years later on Maggie’s spouse and children bought alongside one another to start out Folly Pottery which is nonetheless likely nowadays, in spite of Maggie truly retiring a few occasions! Now Maggie is celebrating 2 anniversaries this calendar year by returning to some of the things she manufactured back in the 80’s


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Do you ever keep in mind who the artist was who you talked baout for marketing via Instagram?

Oh sure. His title was John Puzzouli .  He’s certainly great. He will make lovely crystalline pottery and hammers them on the floor to get the bases off.

Yes. John Puzzouli episode 821. 

So 50 years in clay. What are you carrying out to rejoice the the fifty many years of clay?

Loads of very little matters. I recreated a whole lot of the little animals that mum and I manufactured first of all. So pigs, the ducks, whales, all of those. They have all long gone out and been offered now, properly there are one particular of two remaining. That was our massive celebration.

How are you celebrating your shoppers that have been with you all these several years?

By loving and wanting after them. (laughter) My present prospects are all Instagram and on the net, they are a new bunch. So the more mature ones…mum’s consumers have predominantly handed away. So yeas, just retain on loving them.

Do you have specific names for the pieces you are recreating?

Sure, those people dratted ducks. Flipping pigs. Not more whales! Umm, no they are just pigs, whales, and ducks.

Is your work also a celebration of your area? Of in which you are?

I consider so. Certainly. There’s an awful great deal of New Forest ponies.

Are you speaking to  your new persons this is not a new detail this is a fifty yrs ago matter?

Indeed, bless them, they have all been pursuing together with the anniversaries. It’s 40 decades for the organization and 50 several years for me. They are in all probability wondering, Great grief girl why do not you retire. And  I can not. (laughter) Yes, these are on the whole people I collected from Instagram. I have a lovely neighborhood.

Is there a particular date that you are celebrating? A pinnacle? 

We just passed it. We decided that we would run it all the way via September. That it would be the massive month. We did some displays and a couple of stores experienced our get the job done. They have all filtered out to different customers. But September was the massive month.

What are you heading to do right after the celebration? Following the fifty decades are more than? Are you going to maintain building pots?

Consider and cease me. Mother retired a few situations and arrived back again. I’ve only retired two times.


Molded and Slip cast Pottery and Ceramics by David Cowley

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