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From Cameroon to Nigeria | Nathalie Djakou Kassi | Episode 874

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Nathalie Djakou Kassi | Episode 874

Nathalie Djakou Kassi is a Cameroonian ceramicist practicing in excess of 30a long time with several team exhibitions in and out of Africa. Nathalie has been dwelling in Nigeria due to the fact 2015. Nathalie is impressed by anything that draws in her attention and her works are far more on carving with distinctive subjects


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How does regularity develop a measuring adhere for you to look at your outdated operate to your new perform?

When persons praise you or like your operate, like me, when I woke up in the early morning I want to innovate, I currently have this work so me I want to continue to innovate. It is also surviving, not only money but for the occupation far too to survive so that the younger kinds will be optimistic, you know.  I appear from a country where by numerous ceramists have that issue of believing in ceramics. My aim is to add, to be modern, imaginative, so that the door is open up for the types coming.

Does acquiring the accountability of knowing that you have to article, does that generate you to be much more inventive also?

Certainly. You know folks get bored incredibly speedy on social media. Individuals swipe pretty swift on social media so my intention is also for men and women to end at minimum a couple of seconds and see what I post. There are so numerous matters to see on social media if you do not write-up anything that retain the eyes of another person for five seconds no one will see you submitting your work. So I do anything, I test my ideal to stay modern and creative.

Do you come to feel that becoming consistent has assisted you build your reputation?

Unconsciously, likely. I believe. You know also since I get bored doing the exact point. Like this mask decoration you see, people believe it is the only a single I have. No, I have many of that model, so significantly. But simply because of the demand from customers I am hoping now to place individuals masks in distinct designs. I can’t halt those people carvings simply because people today they like it so considerably. I have to find a way to continue to keep that carving but in many various performs.

Why is it critical to say related?

You know, if not, you will die. (laughter) They will not get in touch with you, they are bored, they are drained to see what you are undertaking. It is not appealing once again. It is accurate that I like challenging myself 1st. I like showing new items.

Does exhibiting up each individual working day aid produce better fascination in you get the job done?

I explained to myself each three or four days. I try to remember when I put in a prolonged time and did not submit. I have a emotion if you are not publishing they will take out your web site from your followers. People that I abide by, since they really do not article I have not witnessed them yet again. So even if they article once more I will not see it. It is also to hold my site active. It is also my main earnings, my most important money is making on this account. I provide things via my inbox. each individual time I put up they ask me what I have readily available.

Do you have a day by day observe that you have in put?

Yes, that everyday apply is in my feeding  simply because you know when you are entire body is not sensation very well you cannot think straight, you simply cannot even produce so in the morning I have a ritual. I like having warm water, in some cases with citrus, lime, I eat a good deal of fruit. I am telling you like an individual is addicted to cocaine I am addicted to fruit. I simply cannot continue to be in my household without the need of acquiring fruit, banana, apple, orange, tangerine. If I don’t have fruit that is in time I will have at the very least have my warm drinking water with ginger or apple cider vinegar or lime or kombucha.

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