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Fuco Ueda | Japanese Surrealist Painter

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About Fuco Ueda

Fuco Ueda was born in Yokohama, Japan, in 1979 and graduated from the Tokyo Polytechnic College of Arts Graduate University in 2003. Her artwork is rich in animals and vegetation, recalling her hometown. Growing up on a farm in the countryside, there ended up extra animals than humans. Fuco starts portray as a youngster to then get into art large faculty. Finding out the basics of oil portray, sculpture, Japanese painting, and layout, she then pursued the University of Art and Layout.

Fuco Ueda

Fuco Ueda

Fuco Ueda


Artwork & Innovative System

Fuco generates her warm and surrealist paintings thanks to acrylics and powdered mineral pigments on paper, cloth, and wood, which give her artworks a refined, fragile touch and softness with references to her Japanese traditions.

She gets inspiration from Ukyio prints and the operate of Japanese feminine artists and writers. A particular eye goes to the revolution of the manga scene, with youthful women in the 1970’s as the focal main. Her paintings depict imaginary springs saturated by the vibrant colours of flora and fauna. Ueda depicts her ladies in suggestive poses, through a scene exactly where time is suspended and the room loses its consistency. Her resourceful process starts off by paying out time changing scenes and situations inside of her head as in a film.
As the graphic receives much more definite, she goes on depicting it with acrylic paint. She mixes the acrylic paint with Gofun, an opaque white pigment created from pulverized high-high-quality oyster shells.

Fuco Ueda

Fuco Ueda

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