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Galerie Philia | Design Brut. Engaging children worldwide

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Design Brut, a non-profit initiative to engage children worldwide

Galerie Philia is delighted to announce the launch of Design Brut | Philia & Kids, the first edition of a non-profit initiative conceived to inspire, connect, and engage children worldwide with design, from reflection and conception to creation. 

The project Design Brut is inspired by French artist Jean Dubuffet’s notion of ‘Art Brut,’ commonly translated as ‘raw art,’ i.e., art created outside the academic tradition of fine art by children and marginal communities.

Galerie Philia’s founder Ygaël Attali stimulates connections and reflections on design beyond academic conventions through low-cost and sustainable workshops and collaborations. 

The answer is Design Brut | Philia & Kids, an inaugural workshop introducing children to the practice of sculptural design that took place earlier this year over five months in Provence.


Galerie Philia

Galerie Philia

How it works

Under the supervision of their teacher, children draw shapes and ideas on paper to form their interpretations of sculptural design. They also have the artistic direction of contemporary designers Antoine Behaghel and Alexis Foiny from Studio BehaghelFoiny.

But the fun part arrives when they turn their drawings into physical designs. They sculpt them in local olive wood by Studio BehaghelFoiny with the help of a regional cabinetmaker.

Galerie Philia

Later everybody gathers for a small display in the chapel, Notre-Dame-des-Monts, in the presence of the children and local community. 

The project is part of a film unveiled at the Paris exhibition from 10 November to 8 December 2022.

About Galerie Philia

Launched in 2015, Galerie Philia is a contemporary international design and modern art gallery. It represents emerging and established designers and artists. The gallery is the brainchild of two brothers who share a passion for art, literature, and philosophy. The gallery’s non-hierarchical curation sits apart from the transiency of trends and focuses instead on the true aesthetic quality of the piece – alluring and timeless. Unlike others, Galerie Philia does not focus on a single style – minimalist, organic or raw – but embraces heterogeneity.

The gallery takes pride in discovering new talents, providing them with multiple international platforms to showcase their latest creations. 

Such designers include Elisa Uberti (France), Lucas Morten (Sweden), Arno Declercq (Belgium), Pietro Franceschini (Italy), and Evan Fay (USA). 

Galerie Philia also works with renowned practitioners such as Cristián Mohaded (Mexico), Jérôme Pereira (France), and Rick Owens (USA).

The gallery has a solid international presence, with galleries in Geneva, New York, Singapore, and Mexico City. 

In addition to its permanent spaces, the gallery organizes temporary group exhibitions and artist residencies in first-class locations worldwide.



Design Brut | Philia & Kids:

10 November – 8 December 2022

4, Rue Malher, 75004
Paris, France

Open Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm

Go here to visit the Gallery’s website or go here to the Instagram page  >




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