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How to Legally Protect Your Creative Work with Kathryn Goldman

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How to Legally Protect Your Creative Work with Kathryn Goldman

At the 30:40 mark: My understanding & procedures to register “groups of works” is different from the attorney’s.

To be apparent, creatives can register from 2 to 10 UN-published works from the exact same category, like visible arts (for instance, 3 un-posted paintings, two un-posted drawings, five un-revealed sculptures) making use of the “Group Registration of Un-published Works” (GRUW) on-line copyright registration application” for a one filing fee of $85 overall (it’s not $85 for each do the job). See the GRUW facts & tutorial at https://www.copyright.gov/gruw/ and https://youtu.be/eR14iSM4esQ

The attorney explained the team software (GRUW) as a “coming out as a assortment …is referred to as a ‘Day of publication’ (copyright lingo) – all revealed on the same day.” I have under no circumstances listened to of that! All over again, the GRUW application is for UN-published functions ONLY. Once you have formally registered by way of the GRUW software, you can officially publish all those performs independently or with each other at any time. Also, the US Copyright Office does not discover the GRUW software as a “collection” of will work, but rather as a Group of un-published individual performs that have their personal copyright registration declare.

It’s crucial NOT to blended revealed and UN-revealed performs in the GRUW software. If your performs are posted, use the “Single Application” or “Standard Application” (see down below).

Do not sign-up your 10 un-published operates making use of the GRUW application on say, a Monday, and on that quite Monday “publish” them. If you can, wait at the very least two whole times prior to building your do the job offered to the community (revealed status).

To register One perform ONLY, use the subsequent on-line apps:

“Single Application”: The payment to register A single un-/released perform (like one e-book or 1 illustration or 1 photograph or one painting or just one cartoon or just one poem, etcetera.) with A single writer who’s the Exact copyright claimant, that’s NOT a-do the job-for-use challenge, and that does NOT incorporate any 3rd-party creative media, is $45 — you Ought to have produced the Entire operate you! See https://www.copyright.gov/circs/circ11.pdf and https://youtu.be/MkBiPQNDVBc

If not, to sign up a one un-/published function with many authors, and/or as a by-product/collective perform, and/or that contains Artistic Commons, General public Area, and/or licensed media, and so on., the price is $65. Use the “Standard Application” (on-line eCO application): https://youtu.be/6gNkssUfYas

If you are doubtful about which application to use to sign-up your A single work, pick out the Conventional Software.

“Publication” Definition: Publication commonly signifies the work has been introduced and made available to the community for licensing, offering, sharing, downloading, or for further distribution (possibly for free of charge or for payment). The day you provide your innovative operate to your shopper or to inventory or to a promoting system (Etsy) is possible the formal date of its to start with-publication. If you are just “displaying” a operate on-line (like on a web-site or printed portfolio) and NOT selling or sharing it, then the work is possible un-published. See Circular 1 (Copyright Essentials, site 7) for the authorized definition of “Publication”: https://www.copyright.gov/circs/circ01.pdf


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