March 1, 2024


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Juxtapoz Magazine – Geoff McFetridge Explores the “Rust Drinkers”

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Juxtapoz Magazine - Geoff McFetridge Explores the "Rust Drinkers"

A new Geoff McFetridge exhibition feels like a glance into the existing American psyche. It is really each emotional and nameless, introspective and outward-searching. There are no faces but it could be any individual. Just one of the matters I have beloved about talking to Geoff above the yrs is the careful thought of strategies and the absolute abolishment of ideas all collectively. It will make the functions universal. Geoff advised me past 12 months, “…there is an aspect of it that’s inside any piece of work, that you can sort of embolden with sincerity or with anything that goes beyond thoughts.” Beyond strategies to make a little something truly feel quite genuine and timeless. It can be not an effortless task, but Geoff can make it seem so. 

In the is effective for Rust Drinkers, his most recent display at Louis Buhl in Detroit, Geoff is in fact searching at the automobile as a car but the car as an notion that won’t be able to be comprehending and does not need to have a literal clarification. The car as opposite of an plan of the auto, so to discuss. The staff are there, the auto is passionate, nostalgic, labor, a assembly spot, an escape. And at the heart, there are people, not determined as everyone but a memory or just a determine to occupy an concept. Or in some cases, as Geoff enjoys to say, further than an idea. —Evan Pricco

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