April 15, 2024


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Juxtapoz Magazine – Heidi Hahn Explores an “Unfair Horizon” in Madrid

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Juxtapoz Magazine - Heidi Hahn Explores an "Unfair Horizon" in Madrid

On the floor, Heidi Hahn tends to make paintings about the connection between the formal features of her operate and the written content in just them. The slippage all over these binaries expose the requirement of just about every. Equally performing alongside one another to variety a room outside the house of its object-hood, earning area for a different type of working experience of painting. As a way to different her female topics from tropes, genre, and gendered expectation, Hahn’s paintings present a tactile disconnect from standard representation. Which in turn, reorganizes the role of what material is in portray. How do we symbolize matters differently from what they necessarily mean? How does the product govern the content? And what does the overall body have to do to escape by itself?

Heidi Hahn writes: “I consider about the horizon line as a separation of expectation and fact. It is this illusive point that gives location, foreseeable future, and steadiness of spot. Still the moment you established out and get there there, it has disappeared and been changed with a different horizon. So it is a fact and an illusion. I required that bogus guarantee for the operate, an offer you but never ever a success, a actuality within a lie. If portray is truth for the reason that of its strong sort then the written content is the lie that retains you staring, hoping, wanting to know. It modifications relying on the mood, age, and comprehending of our personal lives. I will not want to go to the horizon but I want to see it. I want to know that it can be there. Like with painting, I want to see it all laid out before me. I want to have an understanding of it inherently, but I also want it to have the skill to transform in front of me.”

Unfair Horizon is on check out at Farenheit Madrid via April 14, 2023. 

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