March 3, 2024


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Juxtapoz Magazine – Nic Dyer is Sprinkling a BREADCRUMB

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Oliver Valsecchi | Light and Bodies to Portray Human Essence

Hashimoto Present-day is happy to present BREADCRUMB, a solo exhibition by Hudson Valley-dependent artist Nic Dyer. The exhibition will be Dyer’s inaugural solo presentation at Hashimoto Modern day, and debut solo exhibition in New York City.

BREADCRUMB dives into the artists extensive time period exploration of the act of consumption, using their do the job to look at the function of food items in our life as very well as the broader tradition. The exhibition is comprised of a collection of eight maximal and comprehensive mixed media paintings, crammed with fruits and candies set within just meticulously rendered landscapes. Trails of sweets manual kinds eye across the canvas, although rows of 3 dimensional ants march toward the scattered bounty. From individual blades of grass to minuscule flies, every detail is painstakingly executed. Rounded fleshy apples and ripened bitten fruit tantalizingly get in touch with out to the viewer, though to what conclusion?

For this new physique of do the job, Dyer utilizes well-recognized narratives to investigate the temptation of foods. Motivated by fairytales and biblical parables these types of as that of Adam and Eve, Hansel and Gretel, and Minor Crimson Using Hood, the artist pulls from these tales, mixing and remixing components to produce intentionally ambiguous messages. Is foodstuff the reward? The cause or the impact, and how do we reconcile the two?

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