February 26, 2024


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Juxtapoz Magazine – Radiant Spectrum: Amy Lincoln @ Sperone Westwater, NYC

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W. Rossen “Ostend” at Wschód, Warsaw

Sperone Westwater is delighted to present Radiant Spectrum, Amy Lincoln’s new collection of 12 paintings, her 2nd solo exhibit at the gallery. These huge-scale seascapes and landscapes reference atmospheric elements—air, drinking water, light and clouds—and engage ideas of mild reflection and refraction. Operating in a far more expansive format, Lincoln carries on her exploration of the cosmos.

Lincoln addresses each individual of her wood panels with acrylic paint in gradations of colours from mild to dim to establish a exact point of view and indicate the illusion of house. Sun and Moon Spectrum, the centerpiece of the exhibition, actions more than 11 ft extensive, her biggest seascape to day. “This portray moves sequentially by means of the hues of rainbow, starting at yellow, then to orange, pink, magenta, purple and blue,” states Lincoln. “Bands of coloration progress from and divide the two glowing orbs of sunshine and moon, shifting from gentle to dim and again to gentle again, while also relocating from warm to awesome colours.” The visual conceit of moving as a result of a color spectrum references Ellsworth Kelly’s work, a nod to the minimum abstraction that has influenced her modern observe.

In this new sequence, Lincoln also utilizes as topic matter botanical and forest imagery (for case in point, Radiant Sunshine with Trees (Yellow, Pink, Green), 2022). Like the waves in the seascape paintings, the fir and gingko trees repeated through the foreground and background serve to improve depth and point of view. “This produces an overall simplicity and target on shade, pattern and room,” suggests Lincoln. “I also did not want to be way too dependent on the seascape imagery as a components. I needed to implement the ingenious technique to colour I had discovered in generating the seascapes to a unique established of imagery.”

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