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Nocturne Notes – Maria Marino

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Nocturne Notes – Maria Marino

Nocturne Notes

Maria Marino

Summer Evening on Spa Creek, Annapolis, 12 x 24", Plein Air Pastel, © Maria Marino
Summer time Evening on Spa Creek, Annapolis 
12 x 24″   Plein Air Pastel     © Maria Marino  

   Maria Marino provides the vivid hues of her day-time landscapes into the night with her pastel nocturnes. See extra of her operate (both of those day and night time) in our Voices of Practical experience article. We’ve questioned some of our preferred artists to demonstrate us illustrations of their night time time paintings and to convey to us a minimal little bit about their processes in this collection of Nocturne Notes.
Marino shared with us these two illustrations of her exuberant, expressive pastel nocturne paintings. She instructed us that her target is in “catching the secret of that unique time of evening”

Evening Star, 12 x 9" Pastel, © Maria Marino
Evening Star     12 x 9″     Pastel     © Maria Marino

   “In the stop, it is about having the viewer to truly feel

fairly than to recognize, to examine fairly than to look at,

and to really like it relatively than to pass it by.”

                                                                                         Maria Marino

   In our fascination with how the eye sees and then translates the globe all around us to our brains, we have identified it specially attention-grabbing to research how the eye sees at night. Look for for the words and phrases “Nocturnes” and “Vision” in the research bar to read through a lot of fascinating content articles about the science of viewing at night time and the art of painting at night time, or, down load our guide, Nocturnes – A Primer on Night Portray.

   To see far more of Maria Marino’s get the job done, go to: Maria Marino Good Artwork.

The pastel nocturne paintings of Maria Marino.&#13

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