June 15, 2024


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Sketching Panorama Scenes: An Urban Sketching Course

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Sketching Panorama Scenes: An Urban Sketching Course

I have just released a new art course on sketching panoramas. The program is now obtainable on Skillshare (membership necessary) and Gumroad (US $19).

In this system, you will discover course of action and tactics to sketching a panorama scene with pen, ink and watercolour.

This is an intermediate program that demands you to have simple knowledge to observation drawing. If you are a rookie, I propose you look at out my rookie program to city sketching initial.

Sketching panorama scenes can be overwhelming so in this class, we will understand how you can break down the process into much more administration pieces.

This class is 176 moment extensive and has 2 fingers-on project and 1 timelapse tutorial. You can obtain the reference images to comply with along. Added photographs are also furnished for more practice.

The lessons are as follows:

  1. Intro – 1 min
  2. What is actually a panorama? – 12 min
  3. Arranging ahead of sketching – 5 min
  4. Resources and supplies – 3 min
  5. Undertaking 1: Sketching a road scene – 10 min
  6. Job 1: inking – 22 min
  7. Project 1: Colouring – 21 min
  8. Challenge 1: Adding aspects – 12 min
  9. A phrase on point of view – 9 min
  10. Thumbnailing – 20 min
  11. Job 2: Cityscape – 3min
  12. Venture 2: Inking – 22 min
  13. Project 2: Colouring – 22 min
  14. Sketching an indoor panorama – 13 min
  15. Outro – 1 min

At the stop of the class, you really should be acquainted with the method of sketching a panorama scene, and have to confidence to sketch one particular yourself.

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