July 12, 2024


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“The New, New” at Peres Projects, Seoul

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“The New, New” at Peres Projects, Seoul

Drawing on a renewed approach to figurative painting, Rafa Silvares, Emily Ludwig Shaffer, George Rouy, Anton Munar, Jeremy, Paolo Salvador, and Austin Lee are forging new paths in the way we see and interpret the world. Working from their own personal experiences and nourished by their different cultural, social, and geographical backgrounds, they explore the possibility of figuration to rethink our relationship to space, time, and the digital world.

Beyond the motif and the image, “The New, New” invites the viewer to renew their attention to the painted object itself. Through different aesthetic approaches, as well as the use of diverse materials and techniques, the featured artists lay bare the materiality of their work, whether by challenging the flatness of the canvas, investigating the expressiveness of a gesture, or building sensory layers of material. As we now consume most images on screens, the works of these artists remind us of the physicality of painting, and the power of an object that bears the traces of the body that touched it and the emotions that shaped it. The face-to-face encounter with this new exhibition appeals not only to our humanity as thinking beings, but also as living, sensual, and emotional organisms. In the midst of spring, “The New, New” invites us to an awakening of our senses.

at Peres Projects, Seoul
until May 26, 2023

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