July 14, 2024


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Your Life is a Work of Art: Writing Your Annual Review

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Your Life is a Work of Art: Writing Your Annual Review

It starts with personal stuff like happiness, travel, and hobbies.

Next I want you to think about the work you did in the studio and how it changed. Dig deep into your creative output and I’m certain you’ll have a few aha moments.

Then, because it’s vital to keep learning in order to grow, reflect on how you fed your brain. What did you learn and where or from whom did you learn it? If you teach, do a wrap-up of how your courses and workshops went.

Finally, you finish The Artist’s Annual Review with business and marketing. Go beyond the numbers and examine how you evolved as a business owner.

The reason I love my business is because I get to experiment. It’s a full-on creative act for me. I want you to see how you can apply creativity to your business, and that you’re probably already doing it more than you know. It makes it much more fun.

Like your art, your life is also informed by experiments. Some on purpose. Others quite by accident.

What do you discover?

Where is the magic?

What moves the needle?

This year isn’t over.

It’s the time of year when we begin to eagerly anticipate exchanging calendars. The New Year is within our line of sight and we’re eager to start fresh.

You can correct me if I’m using the royal “we” mistakenly and I’m the only one tempted to jump ahead, but I don’t believe I’m alone. Who doesn’t love an opportunity to begin again?

The holidays, and all that they entail, remind us that the current year isn’t quite done with us. We need to be present for all the days ahead. To, as I said earlier, honor life and the breaths you are given because nothing is certain about the future.

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