March 3, 2024


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Laura Sanchez | Urban Geometry

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About Laura Sanchez

Laura Sanchez is a self-taught French photographer whose high-quality art images depends on minimalistic framing, emphasizing an urban environment’s colors and symmetrical strains. She finds inspiration in the Parisian lifestyle that radiates overseas or by seemingly mundane times from her travels.

Born in the south of France in 1988, Laura moved to Paris in 2010, where she now life and is effective.

Photography Inspiration

Laura finds inspiration in day to day lifetime or by seemingly mundane moments from her travels. She likes to seize candid scenes and is fascinated by atmospheres of simplicity in wide open spaces.
“Visually, my aesthetic mixes both equally gentle tones with extra lively colours. My coloration operate does focus on expressing a sense of quiet though remaining visually impactful.”

City Geometry

This collection of photos highlighting symmetry and geometric styles reveals the beauty of city architecture in vibrant and minimalist pictures.

“Architecture is a resource of inspiration, and I like to compose my shots with uncomplicated information of city things. Visually, my aesthetic mixes each soft tones with far more vivid shades. My color operate does target on expressing a feeling of calm whilst remaining visually impactful.”

Go to her site to see far more of her works, or comply with Laura Sanchez on Instagram >


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